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For me, first of all, I’d like to bring Japanese music overseas. It’d be great if more people can listen to it. I was very happy that people came to see my concerts on my world tour, but there are still many more wonderful music talents in Japan. I wish people would enjoy my music as well as other artists’ music.
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu [x] (via starberry-cupcake) thank you very much, the China and the Japan are my favorite country, it’s nice

Halo, Crackdown and Dynasty Warriors: Zhen Ji (DW4), Zuang Lun Wang (Crackdown), Pamedus, Tutut, prophet of Glory, prophet of Mercy, Prophet of Truth, Prophetesse of Seduction, Prophetesse of the Star and Prophetess of Beauty

done with Photo-Bonny and FotoSketcher

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